Prescriber Features and Benefits

Kroger Specialty Infusion is a Specialized Home Infusion provider for Subcutaneous Immune Globulin (SCIG) and IV Immune Globulin (Ig) for autoimmune and primary immune deficiency diseases. We provide an individualized patient care plan to ensure that each patient achieves an optimal treatment outcome within a safe environment in their home, our infusion suite and in the physicians’ office.

Once we receive a prescription from the patient's physician, our Intake Coordinator obtains the proper authorization/eligibility. Our experienced clinical team will assist the patient by consulting with them to develop an appropriate care plan based on the patient's medical condition, support system, and lifestyle. Our nurse coordinators will work with the patient to schedule their infusion(s).

PHARMACY expertise:

  • Specialized PharmDs review and monitor patient adherence to therapy.
  • Dosing guidance for primary immune and autoimmune diseases.
  • Consultations with physicians and clinical staff.
  • Peer-to-peer support with commercial and government payors.
  • Patient education on IgG disease states.

STREAMLINED care coordination:

  • Customized patient facilitation.
  • Flexible home delivery of medication and supplies.
  • Tailored educational materials provided at the start of care.

HIGHLY SKILLED infusion nursing:

  • National network of infusion nurses, specializing in Ig therapy.
  • One-on-one clinical monitoring throughout infusion.
  • Hands-on subcutaneous self-administration instruction and education.
  • Nurses will travel to rural areas.
  • Nurses stay with patient through the entire infusion.


  • Expertise to maximize patient benefits for therapy.
  • High success rate with national and regional health plans.
  • Secures prior authorization and verifies eligibility.
  • Never hand back referral to doctor - triage to network provider.

Ig Patient Advocacy Support Program:

  • A unique program designed to empower patients through education, resources, and peer counseling.
  • Educational information and support for clinicians.
  • Financial assistance with out-of-pocket costs for qualified patients including Medicare.
  • Patient/Caregiver training and education.
  • Designed to help patients get started with treatment faster, taking pressure off of the physician’s office and supporting patients’ nonclinical needs.
  • Dedicated support hotline available for patients 7 days a week: 877.663.4844.

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Kroger Specialty Infusion TX (formerly Infusion Therapy of Texas)

1748 N. Greenville Ave.
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