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Kroger Specialty Infusion was founded on the principle of providing superior service and care to patients requiring Ig and critical Home Infusion Therapy. Because of our superior clinical service, expertise, nursing and patient advocacy, we rapidly gained attention to become one of the leading specialty infusion companies in the nation. Our services include:

  • Ig Therapy
  • Home Inotropic Therapy
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Home Enteral Nutrition
  • Antibiotic Infusion Therapy
  • And more
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Kroger Specialty Infusion specializes in the management of complex “Traditional” and “Specialty” infusion therapy. Our focus is on the full spectrum of patient-centric care and building long lasting positive relationships with our patients’ and their healthcare providers.


We provide an individualized patient care plan to ensure that each patient achieves an optimal treatment outcome within a safe environment in their home, our infusion suite and in the physicians’ office.

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Administering treatment for various chronic or complex conditions.

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Specialty Infusion Accreditation

We are committed to providing exceptional service for our patients. To adhere to this promise, we undergo accreditations through leading healthcare advisory groups. These accreditations ensure that we are operating with the highest quality standards.


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